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7 Places Around The World Where You Can Travel Without Indian Visa


                    Travelling WIthout Indian Visa


To promote tourism, some countries have liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa. Travelling is something that fills the soul with adventure. Indians are among the highest folks when it involves travelling around the globe. Some countries welcome you merely when you have a visa. However, there are also some places where you can travel without an Indian visa. Here are a few beautiful places where you can travel without Indian Visa.





1.Welcome To Mauritius Without Indian Visa

Mauritius is understood for its stunning beaches and classy vacation resorts. Tourists realize it fascinating to visualize the varied colours of the uneven volcanic surface there. a remarkable spot in Mauritius is L’Aventure Du Sucre, that may be a popular sugar museum with its own sugarcane fields. To promote tourism, Mauritius has some liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa.

Mark Twain once wrote, ‘Mauritius was made 1st and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’. He was right.


Luxury Resorts

Mauritius is rightly renowned for its sapphire-blue waters, powder-white beaches. And, yes, luxury resorts that give a front-row seat onto a number of the most stunning views in the Indian Ocean. These are places of the utmost refinement, of impeccable service, of facilities that vary from pampering spas, designer rooms and extensive watersports choices to dreamy swimming pools, expansive palm-strewn grounds and world-class restaurants.

Your stay will live long in the memory and will have you dreaming of a comeback. Partially that’s due to the supreme levels of comfort and luxury. However, it’s also because of the resorts’ discretion and warmth, and the clear sense of being treated royally.



Active Mauritius

What to do, what to do? Lie on a beach all day? Or relish the marvellous range of activities on offer? Either way, you cannot really lose and it is not much you can’t do here on the water – highlights include kitesurfing, boat excursions to the attractive islands of the lake, and therefore the full suite of paddling activities offered by hotels and beach operators.

However, the diving and snorkelling here is terrific, encircled as Mauritius is by shallow waters, a coral reef, elegant underwater topography and a dramatic ocean drop-off. On land, you’ll get to decide between fabulous hiking, horse riding and even championship-standard golf courses. Decisions, decisions.



Wildlife Island

Once thought to be the preserve of nearby Madagascar, wildlife touristry in Mauritius is quickly gaining in popularity. And why wouldn’t it? Mauritius has saved a lot of bird species from extinction than the other country on earth, with the result that you will currently see 2 of the loveliest birds of the Indian Ocean – the pink pigeon and the Mauritian kestrel – at numerous places around the island.

Big tortoises – in captivity in their lots of, or roaming free on Île aux Aigrettes – are another drawcard, while dolphins, whales and sharks are just 3 highlights of the island’s richly biodiverse marine surroundings.



The Mauritian Table

Foodies of the globe, rejoice! Mauritius is winning plaudits for the excellence of its food, which goes for fine-dining restaurants at five-star resorts also as beachside shacks serving fish simply off the boat. Curries, seafood and staples like the thankfully omnipresent salade d’ourite (octopus salad) owe their presence to influences from Mauritius’ Indian, Chinese, French and Creole communities – less a melting pot than a wonderfully aromatic cookery pot.

The charming tradition of the table d’hôte, the family table opened to all and covered with the signature dishes of Mauritian home cookery, captures the essence of the warm local welcome.





2. Welcome To FIJI Without Indian Visa

The beautiful 333 islands of Fiji have tucked away within the Pacific Ocean, close to Australia and New Zealand and you really should not miss this place. In Fiji, one should not miss out on Kula Eco Park for a union with Fiji’s infinite flora and fauna. Or, try snorkel diving or jet skiing at the attractive Denarau Island.

Set your internal clock to ‘Fiji time’: exploring the archipelago’s exquisite beaches, undersea marvels, lush interiors and interesting culture shouldn’t be rushed.  To promote tourism, Fiji has some liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa.


Throwing Down the Beach

Dazzling sands, good palm trees and waters so blue they glow – Fiji’s beaches look airbrushed. where beautiful stretches abound, it’s on the islands of the Mamanucas and Yasawas that you’ll notice heavenly heavyweights. These beaches are the poster-child for paradise, luring thousands of tourists keen to find their own South Sea idyll.

The charm of the islands stretches beyond vacation snaps; the reefs, bays and elegant sands have provided cinematic eye candy to films as well as a castaway with tom hanks and 1980 teen-dream classic The Blue Lagoon.


Wetter is best

Fiji’s calm seas belie the riot of life going on within. With apparently endless stretches of intensely coloured reefs and over 1500 species of fish and large creatures. Fiji’s underwater world is definitely worth the plunge. Seasoned divers and snorkellers can find lots to excite them, whereas first-timers will be bubbling excited exclamations into their mouthpieces. Anywhere a fin flashes or coral waves, you’ll notice a diving or snorkel pleasure trip. There are wonderful live-aboard journeys for those after a really immersive experience.


Beyond the Beach

While it’s simple to spend your vacation in, on or under the water, people who take the time to towel off will be rewarded with a wealth of dry land treats. Fiji offers ample opportunities for hikers, birdwatchers, amblers and forest-fanciers, significantly on the islands of Taveuni – known as ‘The Garden Island’ for its ridiculously lush interiors – and Kadavu, a less-travelled slice of prehistoric paradise with nearly no roads to speak of.

If urban wildlife is your factor, Suva boasts a stunning nightlife scene, whereas cities like Savusavu lure with playful taverns and meet-the-locals haunts.


A warm Welcome

Fijian life revolves around the church, the village, the rugby football field and the garden. while this might sound insular, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more open and welcoming population. although the realities of native life are less sunny than the country’s skies – several regions are poor and lack basic services – Fijians are famed for their welcome and warmth, that makes it simple to make friends or immerse yourself in Fijian culture on a village homestay.




Hong Kong

3. Welcome To Hong Kong Without Indian Visa

For a visit to Hong Kong, you need to fill up an online form which is incredibly easy to fill. Disneyland Hong Kong is a must visit, alongside Lantau Island. For shopping addicts, Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Market are the simplest places to visit too. To promote tourism, Hong-Kong has some liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa.

Hong Kong welcomes with an iconic skyline, a legendary kitchen, and lush, protected nature wherever rare birds and colourful traditions thrive.


Neighbourhoods & Islands

Hong Kong’s fascinating neighbourhoods and islands provide a sensory feast. You will find yourself swaying on on a historic double-decker tram, cheering with the hordes at the city-centre horse races, or just gazing out at the wonderful harbour. What most guests do not immediately realise is that over seventieth of Hong Kong is mountains and sprawling country parks, some also home to geological and historical gems.

Escape the town limits on one of the world’s smoothest transport systems and spend your day wandering in a Song-dynasty village, hiking on a deserted island or kayaking among volcanic ocean arches.



One of the world’s top cookery capitals, the town that worships the God of cooking has many demons in the kitchen. Whether or not the deliciousness in the pot is Cantonese, Sichuanese, Japanese or French. So deep is the city’s love of food and then broad its cooking repertoire that no matter your cuisine needs.

Hong Kong can realize how to consume them. the solution can be a bowl of wonton noodles, freshly steamed cuisine, a warm pineapple bun wedged with butter, a pair of the sweetest prawns, your first-ever pungent tofu, or the creations of the newest celebrity chef.



From ready-to-wear Chinese robes to custom-made speciality knives (and vice versa), the sheer variety of products in Hong Kong’s outlets is dizzying. Every budget, need and whim is catered for in ‘can do’ spirit by a equally impressive assortment of venues – glitzy malls where the moneyed shop, stylish side-street boutiques and vintage dens where fashionistas realize their gems, nerdy device bazaars, and a mixture of markets where you’ll haggle to your heart’s content. the town has no excise tax so costs are usually attractive to guests.



Underneath the glass and steel of Hong Kong’s industrial persona is a dynamic cultural landscape where its Chinese roots. Colonial connections and also the contributions of its home-grown talent become tangled. Here you’re just as likely to find yourself dissecting art within the dizzying range of latest galleries as joining in dawn taichi or reading the couplets of a local writer to the drumbeat of a dragon boat.

Culture may also mean indie music by the harbour or Chinese opera in a bamboo theatre, not to mention the thousands of shows staged year-round at the city’s several museums and concert halls.






4. Welcome To Nepal Without Indian Visa

India’s stunning neighbouring country offers fascinating Himalayan beauty and furthermore sights which will leave you surprised. Must see in Nepal is the Pashupatinath Temple, a renowned Hindu spiritual site. Boudhanath, a stupa that is a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage site. To promote tourism, Nepal has some liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa.

A trekkers’ paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle life watching to offer one amongst the world’s great travel destinations.


Mountain Highs 

The Nepal Himalaya is the ultimate goal for mountain lovers. Therefore a number of the Himalaya’s most iconic and accessible hiking is on offer here. Like rugged trails to Mount Everest, the Annapurna and beyond. Nowhere else are you able to trek for days in unimaginable mountain scenery. Secure in the knowledge that a hot meal, cosy lodge and a warm slice of apple pie await you at the end of the day.

Then there is the hormone kick of rafting a roaring Nepali stream or bungee cord jumping into a yawning Himalayan gorge. Canyoning, climbing, kayaking, paragliding and mountain biking all offer a rush against the backdrop of a number of the world’s most dramatic landscapes.


Medieval Cities & Sacred Sites

The travellers prefer to see Nepal at a more refined pace. Admiring the peaks over a sunset gin and tonic from a Himalayan viewpoint. Strolling through the medieval town squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, and joining Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims on a spiritual stroll around centuries-old stupas and monasteries.

Even when the 2015 earthquake, Nepal remains the cultural powerhouse of the  Himalaya. The Kathmandu valley especially offers a matchless collection of world-class palaces, hidden backstreet shrines and elegant temple art. Nepal is also a great place to learn about everything from Tibetan Buddhism to how to create the most effective momos (dumplings).


Travel Nirvana

There are few countries in the world that are also found out for independent travel as Nepal. Wandering the trekking shops, bakeries and pizzerias of Thamel and Pokhara. It’s simple to feel that you simply have somehow landed in a very reasonably hiker pleasure ground.

Go into the countryside lies a quite different Nepal, wherever ancient mountain life continues at a slower pace, and 1,000,000 potential adventures glimmer on the mountain horizons. The biggest drawback you may face in Nepal is simply the way to fit everything in. That is one reason why many folks come here over and over again.


Jungle Adventures

South of Nepal’s mountains lies something completely different: A series of wild and woolly national parks, where nature buffs scan the semitropical treetops for exotic bird species and comb the jungles for rhinos, tigers and crocodiles.

Make a choice from a luxury safari dwell central Chitwan or go exploring on a wilder trip to remote Bardia or Koshi Tappu. Stopping en route to visit the birthplace of Buddha on the steamy plains close to Lumbini. whether you cross the country by all-terrain bike, motorbike, raft or traveller bus. Nepal offers AN amazingly numerous array of attractions and landscapes.






5. Welcome To Bhutan Without Indian Visa

Bhutan is known to be the world’s happiest country. A trip to Paro Dzong, the most widespread and scenic art of architectural brilliance is recommended. To promote tourism, Bhutan has some liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa.

Bhutan is no ordinary place. it’s the last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic. Where a traditional Buddhist culture rigorously embraces global developments.


Low Volume, High-value touristry

The Bhutanese pride themselves on a sustainable approach to touristry in line with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Foreign guests famously pay a minimum tariff of US$250 per day. Making it appear one of the world’s more expensive destinations. However, this fee is all-embracing – accommodation, food, transport and a politician guide are all provided.

Thus it is not a foul deal. you do not need to travel to a very large group and you’ll prepare your own itinerary. What you won’t find is budget backpacker-style travel.


Surprising Bhutan

Bhutan holds several surprises. This can be a country where the rice is red and where chillies are not just a seasoning but the main dish. It is also a deeply Buddhist land, where monks check their smartphones after performing a divination. Where big protecting penises are painted beside the doorway to many houses. Yet while it visibly protects its Buddhist traditions, Bhutan isn’t a museum.

You may realize the Bhutanese well educated, fun loving and well familiar about the world around them. It’s this mixing of the traditional and fashionable that makes Bhutan endlessly fascinating.


The Last Shangri La?

So why spend your cash to return here? first of all, there’s the wonderful Himalayan landscape. Where snow-capped peaks rise higher than shadowy gorges cloaked in primaeval forests. Taking over prime positions in this picture-book landscape are the majestic fortress-like dzongs and monasteries.

This distinctive architecture sets the stage for spectacular tsechus (dance festivals) attended by an almost medieval-looking audience. Then there are the textiles and handicrafts, outrageous athletics competitions. High-altitude trekking trails, and beautiful flora and fauna. If it is not ‘Shangri La’, it’s as close as it gets.


Environmental Credentials

Environmental protection goes hand in hand with cultural preservation in Bhutan. Therefore, by law, at least hour of the country should remain forested for all future generations. It currently stands above seventieth. Not solely is Bhutan carbon neutral, but it actually absorbs a lot of carbon than it emits! For the traveller, this translates into pretty forest hikes and excellent birding across a chain of national parks.

Whether you’respotting takins or blue poppies, trekking below 7000m peaks or strolling across hillsides ablaze with spring rhododendron blooms. Probably Bhutan offers one among the last pristine pockets in the entire Himalaya.





Cook Islands

6. Cook Island Without Indian Visa

The Cook Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean. This island is a bunch of 15 islands surrounding over a huge space and is still visa-free for Indians. Therefore it’s recommended to head to the Aitutaki lagoon for a wonderful beach experience, and the renowned One Foot Island. To promote tourism, Cook-Island has some liberal visa-free entry policies for Indian Visa.


With a strong cafe culture, a burgeoning organic and artisan food scene, and one or two of bar and clubs. Rarotonga lives with confidence in the twenty-first century. However, on the far side, the islands tourist buzz and contemporary appearance could be a robust culture firmly anchored by traditional Polynesian values and steeped in oral history.





7. Welcome to Macau Without Indian Visa

Macau is also called the las vegas of Asia. It is incredibly renowned for its excellent casino games. Macau also spelt Macao, is a small Chinese territory which is almost 30 sq. kilometres in size. it’s a mixture of East and West in lifestyles, architecture, and food. glorious for its large casinos and being the world’s 2nd Gambling(after Vegas), it boasts some popular attractions for tourists to Gamble and enjoys.


To promote touristry, Macau has some liberal visa-free entry policies for citizens of 65 countries. Therefore including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and most of the countries in Europe and Asia. The duration ranges from 180 days to 15days, depending on nationality. The best time to visit Macau is from October to December when the weather is hot and sunny, and humidity levels are low. The weather from January to March is cold but sunny. It starts to get wet in April. From may to September, the climate becomes hot, humid, and rainy with occasional typhoons.




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