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Safe Driving Tips For The Ghats

Safe Driving Tips For The Ghats

Safe Driving Tips For The Ghats( valley) – Things To Keep In Mind


The world’s worst drivers can’t be too unresponsive from the reality. Especially when you see road users driving with blatant disregard for rules and even sense. it’s almost as if we go to war each time we drive our cars and bikes. If nothing is finished to alter this mindset, the country’s annual road-accident-related death toll will top the 250000-mark sooner rather than later.

In town traffic, there’s some space for error, due to usually low speeds. Driving conditions that we are used to. However, driving within the hills needs a really completely different style to drive on flat roads within the plains. This is due to many factors like a lot of narrower roads, steep inclines and descents, blind curves. The presence of inexperienced Ghat road users that cause a heavy danger to others, and so on.



In an effort to boost awareness regarding the correct hill-driving rule, we’ve compiled a listing of things to keep in mind while driving within the ghats.


Night driving on unknown ghat roads should be avoided as a general rule. There are several reasons for this. One is Extremely bright headlights, although this is applicable only to two-way ghat roads. Another excuse is that on a ghat road with sharp curves. Your headlamps are pointing straight ahead, and you regularly have to make sharp turns into sheer darkness. Not a very pleasant expertise, particularly for a beginner. Throughout the daytime, you’ll also see the sharp curves ahead and the boundaries of your road from enough distance. However not during nights and break-downs/accidents during the night could leave you fully stranded at desolate and unsafe locations.

Let ME add some additional tips.


Two-way ghat

— On a two-way ghat road, it’s important to stay left, particularly while taking corners. This usually suggests that getting to the edge of ghat roads. Thus you’ve got to exercise utmost caution in order to avoid going off the road altogether.

One-way ghat

— On a one-way ghat road, you’re comfortable cuddling the centre of the road on straight patches. After you take corners, you’ll opt for that path which can enable you to move quickly and safely (no need to keep left in these situations). For instance, if you’re taking a pointy right you’ll hug the proper side of the road for safety, say if the left side of the road is unprotected and goes down a sheer cliff.


— just in case of breakdown, attempt to use engine braking by shifting into second or low gear. If the engine is additionally not out there, engage handbrake (be aware that the vehicle will swerve if handbrake is engaged suddenly). If all this fails, as a final resort attempt to flip your vehicle into some obstruction on the slope instead of letting it acquire speed downhill.


— always engage handbrakes while parking on the slope. Once parking put your vehicle in neutral momentarily (or depress the clutch) to check if the handbrakes are properly engaged. Of course do not forget to engage your gear, either initial or reverse, subsequently. Use 1st if parked uphill, reverse if parked downhill. You’ll be able to even use stones to block the tyres just in case of parking on very steep inclines — even handbrakes can fail sometimes.

Buses And Lorries

— be aware that buses (especially) and lorries, whose drivers are very aware of the ghat road, will come back uphill or downhill at a good clip especially on fastener bends. Either keep way prior to them or allow them to go *on a clear, safe stretch* of the road. Don’t irritate them by not giving way and slowing them down, as this might induce a rash response from them.


–Also be aware that these guys are prone to overtaking anywhere, anytime. They will assume nothing of forcing you onto the edge of a ghat road. They undoubtedly don’t wish to be slowed down, particularly while going uphill (which can create their job of climbing that far more difficult). Avoid such potential dangers by smart anticipation. this is another excuse why night driving on stairs roads (especially two-way roads) isn’t judicious.



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