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Road-Tripping From Pune To Goa?

Pune to Goa

Road-Tripping From Pune To Goa? we have the proper Route For an incredible journey



What Is It?

Goa is an excellent spot to flee the mundane labour of town life, and turning it into a road trip along with your squad can be an additional bonus. Sun, surf, sand, and seafood – what’s not to love? Let’s additionally not forget that everything is cheaper in Goa and you’ll be able to have the time of your life – even on a budget. Of course, Goa is accessible by rail or air – however, why miss out on an epic adventure?!



How Do I Get There?

We believe the simplest way to get to Goa from Pune, is via the Kolhapur – Amboli Ghat route. although some of the rough roads are a bit patchy, the route is scenic and there are lots of places to halt on the way. The trip averages between eight-ten hours at a stretch excluding any stops}. It’s best to begin out from Pune at around four or five am since it’s an extended drive, and travelling in the dark will be unsafe.



What to have in Breakfast?

Misal Pav
Misal Pav

In something around four hours, you would be around Yelur, where you can think for a stop at Resturant Sai International for energetic breakfast and a bathroom break. The facilities are clean, with a food court till midnight}, family-style AC eating place, ample parking, and even a petrol pump adjacent to the property. There aren’t several choices to stop at nearby locations, therefore make the most of it!

If you’d like an additional substantial breakfast, take a detour into Kolhapur – about an hour’s drive from Yelur. You can have a food At Cafe Opal noted for authentic Kolhapuri cuisine, or the slight admirer Cafe Pearl serving Indian, Chinese, Continental and Kolhapuri specialities. Another hour or 2 ahead is Cafe Amar, a cheap, pure vegetarian eating place set at the bottom of the Tavandi ghat, simply after the city of Nipani. The food here is easy but filling.




Hot Coffee, Scenic Views & Waterfall At Amboli Ghat.

Waterfall At Amboli Ghat
Waterfall At Amboli Ghat

From Nipani, drive an additional two hours or so. Via Nipani Ajra Link Rd and Amboli Ajra Road till you reach Dashrath Vada Pav, simply a little way before Amboli hill station. Here, there’s a row of vendors selling food, tea, beverages and snacks. relish piping hot vada pav, bhajjia, and Maggi INR twenty – fifty each, while you engulf the breathtaking view of the Sahyadris. Be careful of monkeys, and don’t think to offer a food to them of feeding them – they’ll get pretty aggressive when they see food.

You might pass a couple of waterfalls on the way, however the famous Amboli ghat waterfall stop only walking distance from the food stalls. This is the scenic and totally free traveller attraction. Complete with a set of concrete steps to make it more accessible. If it’s not drizzling too hard Amboli {is said to be one of the wettest places in Maharashtra}, you must stop for a quick dip and an Instagram photo-op!




Shop At Mapusa Market.

Mapusa Market
Mapusa Market

Dinner with Seafood at Calangute.

Goan Dinner
Goan Dinner

Once you’ve stocked with abreast of the necessities, head to Infantaria at Calangute – an oldie, however, a goodie – for a well-deserved dinner before heading to your accommodation. Try the Goan Pork Sausages served with soft poi, fully-loaded mini Breakfast, or go full-scale with their amazing Grilled Fish Platter. Wash it all down with Infantaria’s Own for a caffeine kick, or a pint of fine ol’ King’s beer and Goan Special Cashew Fenny.




If you choose to spend an extended weekend in Goa, leave on an early Friday morning thus you’ll make the most of it. Carry around INR 2000 in the 50s and 100s for road toll, as they don’t usually keep the change. Check that to bring enough beverage, toilet tissue, motion sickness meds, and hand sanitizer for the car journey trust {us, you’ll need it}. The drive is scenic, thus appreciate it and make sure to take numerous photos!


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