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How To Take Better Take Better Photos When Traveling Solo

Take Better Take Better Photos When Traveling Solo


Travelling alone can be a liberating and exciting experience. One major draw back is: who takes photos of you? Unless you’re the shy type who prefers being behind the lens. It sucks to not have epic photos of yourself standing ahead of those exciting views. Not everybody can afford an Instagram butler or has a blogger soulmate.  Want to up your Instagram game when travelling solo? Here are tried-and-tested tips.


1. Embrace the shameless selfie

      Level: Beginner

It’s time to let go of your inhibitions of taking selfies. Everyone’s doing it. There are literally less annoying ways to get that selfie done right. It’s not invariably regarding the duck face.  Follow at home in your bedchamber or garden to see what your best facial angles are. What camera height and distance best capture the backdrop while not blurring your face. And what phone camera settings work well. Once you’ve mastered the art of taking selfies, you ’ll get it on quicker and more inconspicuously when you travel.



 2. Try selfie sticks.

        Level: Beginner

If you ’re bored with seeing your wide arm a part of every travel selfie you’ve taken, it’s time to move up to selfie sticks. It is difficult and awkward to use initially. However, all you would like is observed. Master, the technical aspects like properly securing your phone or a photographic camera. Supporting the stick, and taking photos from totally different heights and angles. Yes, the stick can inevitably be a part of all of your photos. However, it’s still higher than a close-up of your arm and nostrils.



3. Ask  the correct  person

      Level: Beginner

It’s okay to ask strangers to take your pic for you, especially when you’re at well-liked traveller spots.  However, remember: Not everybody will take clear and well-composed photos. Some locals do n’t need to be annoyed, whereas local thieves take advantage of gullible tourists by running away with their camera.  The most effective  and safest  people  to approach are: tour  groups  and families  who  may additionally  need  you  to take  their photos (guaranteed to be friendly), fellow solo travelers (you  might  even  find yourself  hanging out),  someone  carrying a DSLR camera (guaranteed  to take  smart  photos), and  staff  of that  traveller  spot (as long as they aren’t already hounded by  other  tourists).



4. Compose it for them.

      Level: Intermediate

Have an angle and composition in mind before even asking an unknown to take your pic. It’s okay to inform them, “Here, take it like this,” whereas showing the exact position of the camera. Then run into a place and pose.  Just in case you don’t like however they took the pic, it’s best to not have them redo it because that typically dampens the mood.  simply say many thanks courteously,  look forward to them to be out of hearing, So approach a new person to take your pic.


5. Let professionals function your inspiration.

      Level: Intermediate

Follow other travel photographers, bloggers, and celebrities on Instagram for inspiration. You’d be stunned to see that there are several inventive ways that to take photos of yourself. One common hack: taking a pic of yourself on reflective surfaces like mirrors, windows,  and water.



6.Photograph  other  body  parts

     Level: Advanced

It doesn’t always have to be your face that’s in your travel photos.  However, regarding taking a photograph of your feet on a colourful pavement, one hand a part of a flat lay, or other body parts subtly enclosed within the composition?


7. Upgrade your gear

      Level: Advanced

If you’re able to invest in higher instrumentation, opt for a tripod, high-end DSLR, waterproof camera case, remote, GoPro, and/or drone. A tripod and your basic camera provide you with ten seconds to run into place before the shutter clicks. A camera remote takes permits you longer and distance, whereas a GoPro is best for taking endless videos. Tip: Some travel bloggers simply screencap their videos so that they do n’t have to keep stopping for photos. As for the drone, it offers you those superb aerial shots. A word of caution: Before propping your costly gear publicly,  make certain it’s a secure spot where bystanders wo n’t simply knock it down, or worse, run away with your life savings.



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